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Airline Flight # Gate Arriving From Time Status
Allegiant 848 B5 St. Pete-Clearwater 10:10 AM 4:57 PM
American 3102 A5 Chicago-O'Hare 5:55 PM On Time
American 2324 A3 Dallas Ft. Worth 5:42 PM 5:57 PM
American 3169 A3 New York-LGA 2:36 PM Arrived
American 3518 A3 New York-LGA 6:45 PM On Time
Delta 1178 B15 Atlanta 3:52 PM 3:53 PM
Delta 1307 B15 Atlanta 5:19 PM 5:06 PM
Delta 1198 B15 Atlanta 6:37 PM On Time
Delta 4977 B12 Boston 4:21 PM 4:16 PM
Delta 3338 B14 Cincinnati 3:25 PM 3:13 PM
Delta 5043 B12 Detroit 4:54 PM On Time
Delta 4218 B12 New York-JFK 4:55 PM On Time
Delta 5054 B10 New York-LGA 4:22 PM 4:41 PM
Southwest 3488 B11 Atlanta 3:20 PM Arrived
United 6539 B3 Chicago-O'Hare 4:49 PM 4:38 PM
United 3596 B1 Newark 5:34 PM On Time
United 3346 B4 Washington-IAD 6:01 PM On Time
US Airways 1907 A6 Charlotte 3:26 PM 3:19 PM
US Airways 1886 A6 Charlotte 5:17 PM On Time
US Airways 2028 A6 Charlotte 6:49 PM On Time
US Airways 4863 A8 Philadelphia 3:18 PM 3:47 PM
US Airways 3897 A8 Philadelphia 4:51 PM 5:39 PM
US Airways 5216 A8 Philadelphia 6:48 PM On Time


Airline Flight # Gate Departing To Time Status
Allegiant 849 B5 St. Pete-Clearwater 10:50 AM 5:42 PM
American 3325 A5 Chicago-O'Hare 3:01 PM Arrived
American 3102 A5 Chicago-O'Hare 6:25 PM On Time
American 2324 A3 Dallas Ft. Worth 6:40 PM On Time
American 3169 A3 New York-LGA 3:10 PM Boarding
Delta 1178 B15 Atlanta 4:32 PM On Time
Delta 1307 B15 Atlanta 5:59 PM On Time
Delta 4993 B10 Boston 5:29 PM On Time
Delta 3339 B12 Cincinnati 5:41 PM On Time
Delta 5109 B12 Detroit 4:57 PM On Time
Delta 5911 B14 New York-JFK 5:00 PM On Time
Delta 4920 B10 New York-LGA 3:10 PM On Time
Delta 4969 B12 New York-LGA 5:30 PM On Time
JetBlue 82 A4 Boston 3:05 PM 3:15 PM
Southwest 853 B11 Atlanta 3:55 PM On Time
United 4966 B3 Chicago-O'Hare 5:35 PM On Time
United 3346 B4 Chicago-O'Hare 6:35 PM On Time
United 4815 B1 Newark 5:59 PM On Time
United 5018 B1 Washington-IAD 2:59 PM On Time
US Airways 765 A6 Charlotte 4:10 PM On Time
US Airways 1912 A6 Charlotte 5:59 PM On Time
US Airways 4863 A8 Philadelphia 3:45 PM 4:10 PM
US Airways 3897 A8 Philadelphia 5:20 PM 5:59 PM

Screening Checkpoint Hours – 4:30 am to 8:30 pm

In-Airport Advertising

Spectacular Banners
Backlit Display Dioramas
Backlit Display Dioramas
Recharge Stations
Wall Murals
Shadow Boxes
Departure Media
Digital Displays
Vehicle Displays

What’s one of the most economical ways to make millions of advertising impressions a year? Advertise within the airport! Our indoor advertising program offers local and national businesses the opportunity to promote their products and services throughout the facility. With an advertising display at RIC, you could reach more than 10,000 visitors daily.

Benefits include:

  • Attentive audience
  • Superior visibility
  • Multiple viewpoints
  • Average gate hold time - 70 minutes
  • Average baggage hold time - 20 minutes
  • 60% business travelers
  • Viewed by more than three million travelers per year



Digital Displays
Engage a captive audience with the most current technology by showcasing an eye-catching static campaign on an LED television screen located at the information desk.

Backlit Display Dioramas
Illuminate your message to passengers with this wall-mounted display as they enter ticketing, pass through security, proceed through concourses, gather at the gates and wait at baggage claims.

Wall Murals
Strategically located in the highest traffic areas of arrivals and baggage claims, wall murals provide a "can’t miss" message.

Recharge Stations
Take full advantage of unique wall and window spaces in the high dwell-time space of the terminal waiting area.

Vehicle Displays
Park your vehicle in designated airport floor space for an up-close and personal advertisement.

Shadow Boxes
Display your message like framed artwork along the brightly lit hallway on the way to the highly trafficked security checkpoint.

Spectacular Banners
These 50-foot long, larger-than-life displays adhere to walls in the upper connector area to generate big impact in key passenger pulse points.

Deliver big impact while travelers in display rooms, at courtesy phone centers and as a facility sponsor.


Get your brand in front of millions when you advertise at the airport!
Download a PDF about display advertising at RIC or contact Departure Media at 843-571-2299 today.