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Airline Flight # Gate Arriving From Time Status
American 3513 A5 Miami 7:34 PM 7:30 PM
American 3569 A1 New York-LGA 10:25 PM On Time
Delta 929 B14 Atlanta 8:51 PM 8:39 PM
Delta 1978 B15 Atlanta 10:37 PM On Time
Delta 5271 B10 Boston 9:32 PM On Time
Delta 5064 B14 Detroit 9:10 PM On Time
Delta 4904 B5 Minn/St. Paul 8:57 PM 8:56 PM
Delta 4202 B12 New York-JFK 9:54 PM On Time
Delta 5221 B12 New York-LGA 9:06 PM On Time
JetBlue 1281 A4 Boston 6:56 PM Arrived
JetBlue 381 A2 Boston 9:49 PM 9:51 PM
JetBlue 1146 A4 Ft. Lauderdale 10:49 PM 11:06 PM
Southwest 454 B9 Orlando 9:10 PM On Time
United 458 B2 Chicago-O'Hare 8:41 PM 8:45 PM
United 4300 B2 Newark 7:26 PM 7:31 PM
United 4500 B2 Newark 8:10 PM 7:58 PM
United 4833 B2 Washington-IAD 10:55 PM On Time
US Airways 2006 A6 Charlotte 9:04 PM Arrived
US Airways 3944 A6 Philadelphia 10:16 PM On Time


Airline Flight # Gate Departing To Time Status
American 3475 A1 New York-LGA 6:56 PM Departed
Delta 1198 B15 Atlanta 6:59 PM Departed
JetBlue 1282 A4 Boston 7:35 PM On Time
United 5962 B4 Newark 7:56 PM On Time
US Airways 2028 A6 Charlotte 7:30 PM Boarding
US Airways 5216 A8 Philadelphia 7:13 PM Departed

Screening Checkpoint Hours – 4:30 am to 8:30 pm

Mission Statement

The mission of the Capital Region Airport Commission is twofold: 1.) to provide access to high-quality, safe air travel services for the citizens of Central Virginia and 2.) through its air travel and related facilities, to serve as the catalyst for economic development of the region. In pursuit of this mission, the Commission recognizes the importance of providing choices for the traveling public by supporting competition among its six airlines: American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, JetBlue Airways, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines and US Airways. The success of each of these airlines is invaluable to providing a high-quality and competitive air service marketplace for the citizens of Central Virginia.

Efforts to encourage competition over the past decade have resulted in a decrease in fare premiums and an increase in quality and frequency of service. Competition has also led to an increase of roughly one million passengers traveling through the Richmond International Airport, including travelers who previously drove to other airports to take advantage of lower fares. This increase in passengers, coupled with significant savings on ticket costs, has resulted in an increase in local spending and injected millions of additional dollars into the region's economy.

In order to ensure that these airlines remain in the Central Virginia market and to sustain competition, the Commission strongly encourages ridership from Richmond Region travelers on all six airlines. Competitive air service provides passengers with more choices of carriers to more destinations at lower fares and creates a marketplace in which all airlines can succeed.