Supplier Diversity

For more than a decade, the Richmond International Airport has demonstrated its commitment to supplier diversity by providing meaningful opportunities for small, women-owned and minority-owned (SWaM) businesses and disadvantaged business enterprises (DBEs) to secure a variety of airport contracts. An important aspect of ensuring the diversity of our supplier base is creating awareness about business opportunities at the airport through this website and community outreach and education efforts.

We implement community programs and equip our suppliers with information and resources in an effort to create a trustworthy environment for airport contracting, and we remain committed to implementing practices that are fair, inclusive and accessible to the community.


Maintaining fair and open processes is a routine part of how we do business. Our efforts promote equal business opportunities to qualified companies, thereby increasing the quantity of contracts awarded to SWaMs and DBEs each year.


We have prioritized our commitment to fostering equal opportunities for diverse suppliers. Throughout the year, we promote a wide array of projects and conduct a competitive bidding process that includes small businesses.


Each year, we host a Business Opportunity Forum. By providing public forums to help current and potential suppliers better understand and participate in the bidding process, we have increased the pool of qualified SWaM and DBE bidders.

Download the supplier diversity brochure for more information.

If you are interested in contracting or concessionaire opportunities at RIC, we encourage you to download our guide to contracting and concessionaire opportunities at RIC brochure to learn about and participate in RIC’s competitive bidding process.

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