Penalties/Failure to Pay 

A late payment penalty will be added to the original fine for any citation not paid by the due date.

After three notices have been mailed requesting payment, CRAC will request that the Virginia Department of Taxation withhold the outstanding balance from your state tax refund.

If you submit your payment online, please pay the correct amount as noted in the table below.


  After 10-14 days from the date of issuance After 15-29 days from the date issuance After 30 days from the date of issuance
$20 violation $26.00 $38.00 $50.00
$50 violation $65.00 $80.00 $95.00
$100 violation $115.00 $130.00 $145.00

Not paying the correct amount will result in an outstanding balance, which is subject to additional penalties.