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Airline Flight # Gate Arriving From Time Status
American 3102 A5 Chicago-O'Hare 5:55 PM Arrived
American 3647 A1 Chicago-O'Hare 9:50 PM On Time
American 3557 A5 New York-LGA 6:48 PM 8:01 PM
Delta 1198 B15 Atlanta 6:37 PM 6:41 PM
Delta 1721 B12 Atlanta 8:50 PM 8:39 PM
Delta 5099 B14 Boston 9:35 PM On Time
Delta 5091 TBD Detroit 9:15 PM 10:25 PM
Delta 5287 B10 Minn/St. Paul 8:49 PM On Time
Delta 5221 B12 New York-LGA 9:09 PM 9:37 PM
JetBlue 1281 A4 Boston 7:09 PM 6:51 PM
JetBlue 1146 A4 Ft. Lauderdale 9:19 PM 9:21 PM
Southwest 4636 B13 Orlando 9:50 PM 10:10 PM
United 458 B3 Chicago-O'Hare 8:41 PM 8:39 PM
United 3596 B1 Newark 5:34 PM Arrived
United 4500 B2 Newark 7:33 PM 7:31 PM
United 3346 B4 Washington-IAD 6:01 PM 6:26 PM
US Airways 1886 A6 Charlotte 5:17 PM 7:00 PM
US Airways 2028 A6 Charlotte 6:49 PM 7:07 PM
US Airways 2006 A6 Charlotte 9:09 PM On Time
US Airways 5216 A8 Philadelphia 6:48 PM 8:29 PM


Airline Flight # Gate Departing To Time Status
American 3102 A5 Chicago-O'Hare 6:25 PM On Time
American 2324 A3 Dallas Ft. Worth 6:40 PM On Time
American 3557 A5 New York-LGA 7:20 PM 8:20 PM
Delta 1307 B15 Atlanta 5:59 PM 6:09 PM
Delta 1198 B15 Atlanta 7:17 PM On Time
Delta 3339 B12 Cincinnati 5:41 PM 6:01 PM
Delta 5109 B12 Detroit 4:57 PM 7:59 PM
Delta 4969 B10 New York-LGA 5:30 PM 6:00 PM
JetBlue 1282 A4 Boston 7:45 PM On Time
United 3613 B3 Chicago-O'Hare 5:28 PM 5:52 PM
United 3346 B4 Chicago-O'Hare 6:35 PM On Time
United 4815 B1 Newark 5:59 PM On Time
US Airways 1912 A6 Charlotte 5:59 PM 7:05 PM
US Airways 2070 A6 Charlotte 7:40 PM On Time
US Airways 3897 A8 Philadelphia 5:20 PM Departed
US Airways 5216 A8 Philadelphia 7:13 PM On Time

Screening Checkpoint Hours – 4:30 am to 8:30 pm

Capital Region Airport Commission Receives Airport Minority Advisory Council Award

June 13, 2013

Richmond, VA (June 13, 2013) – The Capital Region Airport Commission was named a recipient of a 2013 Airport Minority Advisory Council (AMAC) Award. The airport was recognized in the category entitled Award of the Organization-Regional Airports for initiatives that promoted the growth and development of Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE).  The award was announced this week at AMAC’s annual conference in San Diego. The Capital Region Airport Commission oversees operations of Richmond International Airport (RIC).  

“It is an honor to receive this award from AMAC,” said Jon Mathiasen, airport president & CEO. “The award reflects the commitment of the airport management team to supplier diversity.”

The award cited the airport’s efforts to enable Disadvantage Business Enterprises (DBEs) and other small enterprises to participate in highly competitive business opportunities. Those opportunities ranged from runway lighting and paving to major concessions, ground transportation and master planning, as well as a wide range of goods and services that support the airport’s daily activities.

“Community outreach is a key to making DBEs, and small-, women- and minority-owned businesses aware of contracting opportunities at the airport,” added Mathiasen. “We work to get the word out by encouraging all of our current and potential suppliers to register with eVA, the State of Virginia's online procurement service that posts business opportunities at the airport. We also participate in community events, as well as organize a public Business Opportunity Forum each year to help current and potential suppliers better understand and participate in the bidding process at RIC.”

The Airport Minority Advisory Council (AMAC) is the only national, non-profit trade association dedicated to promoting the full participation of minority-owned, women-owned and disadvantaged business enterprises (M/W/DBEs) in airport contracting and the inclusion of minorities and women in employment. The Award of the Organization is given by the Board on behalf of AMAC to an individual, airport, or a firm for significant contributions toward the realization of DBE or EEO goals on an airport.

RIC is the gateway for Virginia's Capital Region and offers about 180 daily flights on AirTran Airways, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, JetBlue Airways, United Airlines, US Airways and their respective regional affiliates to major domestic and international destinations. The airport serves more than 3 million passengers annually. Visit to learn more.