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Airline Flight # Gate Arriving From Time Status
Delta 5212 B10 Detroit 10:32 AM On Time
JetBlue 1481 A4 Boston 8:49 AM 8:32 AM
US Airways 4029 A7 Charlotte 11:04 AM On Time
US Airways 5233 A6 Philadelphia 10:40 AM On Time


Airline Flight # Gate Departing To Time Status
American 96 A3 Dallas Ft. Worth 7:00 AM Departed
American 4365 A5 Miami 7:45 AM On Time
American 3219 A1 New York-LGA 11:00 AM On Time
Delta 1673 B14 Atlanta 7:00 AM Departed
Delta 1334 B15 Atlanta 9:36 AM On Time
Delta 5276 B12 Minn/St. Paul 8:50 AM On Time
Delta 5257 B12 New York-LGA 10:30 AM On Time
JetBlue 1482 A4 Boston 9:25 AM On Time
JetBlue 1169 A2 Orlando 8:25 AM On Time
Southwest 2383 B13 Orlando 7:45 AM On Time
United 1846 B1 Chicago-O'Hare 9:34 AM On Time
United 4339 B2 Houston 8:05 AM On Time
United 4374 B3 Newark 7:15 AM On Time
United 4409 B3 Newark 10:40 AM On Time
United 3586 B4 Washington-IAD 10:45 AM On Time
US Airways 1906 A7 Charlotte 6:55 AM Departed
US Airways 1988 A6 Charlotte 9:20 AM On Time
US Airways 3941 A8 Philadelphia 7:30 AM On Time
US Airways 3978 A8 Philadelphia 9:15 AM On Time

Screening Checkpoint Hours – 4:30 am to 8:30 pm

West Cary Group Set to Market Richmond International Airport

May 24, 2012

RICHMOND, VA (May 22, 2012) - West Cary Group, an award-winning marketing communications and advertising agency headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, has been selected Agency of Record for the Richmond International Airport (RIC). The firm will be responsible for general marketing, including web and mobile design and development, as well as brand advertising.

"Marketing RIC, one of the region's most identifiable resources, is a huge honor, and we're going to have some fun - especially with digital," says Moses Foster, WCG CEO and recent winner of the VMSDC's 2011 Entrepreneur of the Year award. "Three million travelers fly through RIC every year, and they have great things to say about the airport. We want to help RIC maintain an exceptional travel experience, and also become known as one of the most digitally relevant airports in the country."

Since opening its doors in 2007, West Cary Group has grown into a dynamic 32-member marketing team diverse in thought and talent - including specialties in web design, mobile application development, brand strategy, content development and marketing analytics.

"Out of 19 marketing firms, we chose West Cary Group," says Troy Bell, Director, Marketing and Air Service Development for RIC. "It was a robust competition, but at the end of the day we felt WCG 's ideas and capabilities aligned best of all with the Airport's goals in ever-changing aviation and communications environments."

About West Cary Group
West Cary Group is a full-service, minority-owned advertising and marketing communications agency founded in 2007 by Moses Foster. The firm specializes in digital media, brand marketing, diversity initiatives, direct response marketing and employee communications.