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Airline Flight # Gate Arriving From Time Status
American 1276 A1 Dallas Ft. Worth 10:22 PM 10:30 PM
Delta 1124 B14 Atlanta 9:36 PM 9:25 PM
Delta 5027 B12 Boston 9:24 PM 10:18 PM
Delta 3340 B12 Cincinnati 9:24 PM On Time
Delta 5287 B12 Minn/St. Paul 10:44 PM 1:29 AM
Delta 4219 B12 New York-JFK 8:11 PM 9:32 PM
Delta 5134 B12 New York-LGA 8:45 PM 9:11 PM
JetBlue 1281 A4 Boston 7:13 PM 7:44 PM
JetBlue 381 A4 Boston 10:03 PM 10:07 PM
JetBlue 1146 A2 Ft. Lauderdale 11:11 PM 12:01 AM
Southwest 169 B11 Atlanta 10:25 PM 12:05 AM
Southwest 4896 B13 Orlando 10:05 PM 10:25 PM
United 3831 B4 Chicago-O'Hare 7:36 PM 8:06 PM
United 744 B3 Chicago-O'Hare 9:13 PM 9:06 PM
United 4330 B2 Houston 10:41 PM 11:43 PM
United 4188 B2 Newark 9:32 PM 9:49 PM
United 4615 B2 Newark 10:48 PM On Time
United 3387 B1 Washington-IAD 6:17 PM 7:37 PM
United 3409 B5 Washington-IAD 11:12 PM 11:16 PM
US Airways 2006 A5 Charlotte 9:09 PM On Time
US Airways 1922 A6 Charlotte 11:23 PM On Time
US Airways 4080 A6 New York-LGA 9:28 PM 10:52 PM
US Airways 3901 A6 Philadelphia 10:04 PM On Time


Airline Flight # Gate Departing To Time Status
American 2904 A3 Chicago-O'Hare 6:45 PM 7:25 PM
JetBlue 1282 A4 Boston 7:49 PM On Time
US Airways 2028 A6 Charlotte 7:35 PM Departed

Screening Checkpoint Hours – 4:30 am to 8:30 pm

New Free Lot Offers Easy Terminal Access to Pick Up Arriving Guests, Reduces Curbside Congestion

April 22, 2008

Richmond International Airport, VA., (April 22, 2008): Picking up guests arriving at Richmond International Airport? Then the airport's new Cell Phone Waiting Lot may be just what you've been hoping for. The new 40-space lot is located just off Terminal Drive near the South parking garage, about one minute's drive from the terminal.

"Richmond International Airport (RIC) is pleased to open this courtesy lot - at no charge to users - as we approach the busy summer travel season," said Capital Region Airport Commission Chairman Beverley W. "Booty" Armstrong. "During some of our heaviest arrival periods, it is simply not possible to allow vehicles to dwell curbside. The new Cell Phone Waiting Lot offers an attractive alternative for ‘meeters and greeters' waiting for arriving passengers."

Cell phone lots exist at some other U.S. airports, and are intended to offer a convenient waiting location in close proximity to arrivals areas and to relieve curbside congestion. Once travelers arrive and claim their bags, they can then call their pick-up party and direct them to the curbside area. While there is no charge to use the lot, vehicles must be attended at all times, and drivers are encouraged to turn off vehicles when temperatures permit.

Richmond International Airport is the gateway for Virginia's Capital Region, and offers about 190 daily flights between Richmond and major U.S. destinations onboard AirTran, American, Continental, Delta, JetBlue, Northwest, United, US Airways and their respective regional affiliates. Air Canada will launch nonstop Richmond-Toronto service starting May 1st.

For Information:
Troy M. Bell, CM
Director - Marketing & Air Service Development/PIO
Richmond International Airport
Phone: (804) 226-3022