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Airline Flight # Gate Arriving From Time Status
American 2899 A1 Chicago-O'Hare 11:50 PM On Time
American 1276 A3 Dallas Ft. Worth 10:30 PM 10:28 PM
American 3504 A1 Miami 11:32 PM On Time
American 3011 A1 New York-LGA 10:05 PM On Time
Delta 1124 B15 Atlanta 8:59 PM 8:42 PM
Delta 1978 B14 Atlanta 11:59 PM On Time
Delta 5549 B12 Boston 8:27 PM 9:11 PM
Delta 4152 B14 Cincinnati 9:19 PM 9:01 PM
Delta 5256 B12 Detroit 9:18 PM 8:58 PM
Delta 5287 B10 Minn/St. Paul 10:53 PM 10:57 PM
Delta 2909 B12 New York-JFK 9:45 PM 9:29 PM
Delta 5111 B14 New York-LGA 8:12 PM Arrived
JetBlue 1146 B9 Ft. Lauderdale 9:40 PM On Time
Southwest 3301 B11 Atlanta 10:40 PM On Time
Southwest 3197 B13 Orlando 9:00 PM 9:35 PM
United 4640 B1 Chicago-O'Hare 7:47 PM Arrived
United 774 B3 Chicago-O'Hare 9:23 PM 10:53 PM
United 4647 B2 Chicago-O'Hare 11:58 PM 12:23 AM
United 4330 B2 Houston 10:46 PM 11:21 PM
United 4130 B2 Newark 8:37 PM 8:59 PM
United 4119 B2 Newark 10:23 PM 10:24 PM
United 6027 B2 Washington-IAD 10:36 PM On Time
US Airways 3905 A7 Boston 9:14 PM 8:59 PM
US Airways 2080 A5 Charlotte 9:12 PM 9:03 PM
US Airways 2086 A6 Charlotte 11:21 PM On Time
US Airways 3901 A8 Philadelphia 10:28 PM 11:33 PM
US Airways 4032 A8 Philadelphia 11:55 PM On Time


Airline Flight # Gate Departing To Time Status
Delta 6238 B12 New York-LGA 3:55 PM 8:00 PM
United 3387 B4 Chicago-O'Hare 6:11 PM 7:54 PM

Screening Checkpoint Hours – 4:30 am to 8:30 pm

Global Benchmarking Study Ranks Richmond International Airport (RIC) as One of the World’s Most Efficient Airports

Air Transport Research Society (ATSR) Study Ranks RIC #2 in North America for Operating Efficiency, Management among Small- and Mid-Sized Airports

August 2, 2013

Richmond, VA (August 2, 2013) - 

News Facts

  • The Air Transport Research Society (ATRS), headquartered at the University of British Columbia’s Sauder School of Business, was established in 1995 to advance research on global issues on air transportation.
  • The ATRS Global Airport Benchmarking Report, which first launched in 2000, is the most comprehensive independent evaluation of global airport performance. The rankings are used by airport and airlines executives, governments, consultants, institutional investors and researchers.
  • Benchmarking factors include aircraft operations, passenger counts, cargo tonnage, non-aeronautical revenue, labor, non-capital expenses, and facilities such as runways, terminal size, and number of gates.
  • Per the report, RIC scores high in overall operating and management efficiency, with factors such as low landing fees, low overall costs per enplaned passenger, and a high percentage of operating revenue derived from non-airline sources such as parking, non-airline leases, concessions, ground transportation, and in-terminal advertising.
  • Richmond (RIC) ranked #2 in the mid-/small-sized airport (less than 15 million passengers per year) category, trailing only Will Rogers International Airport (OKC) of Oklahoma City. Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport (ATL) was ranked most efficient worldwide. 

Supporting Quotes

  • “The impressive performance of Richmond International Airport (RIC) in the ATRS Global Airport Benchmarking Report is reflective of changes initiated at the airport more than a decade ago,” said Commission president and CEO Jon E. Mathiasen, AAE. “Beyond the significant changes exemplified by newer facilities, the members of the Capital Region Airport Commission and senior management are driven to provide a safe, convenient, enjoyable airport experience by the most efficient and cost-competitive means possible and this philosophy is supported daily by the full Commission workforce.”
  • UBC Sauder School of Business Prof. Tae Oum, who led the study, says the benchmarking report shows that more efficient airports offer lower aircraft landing fees and passenger terminal charges, leaving more money in travelers’ pockets.

Supporting Resources

About Richmond International Airport (RIC)

Richmond International Airport is the gateway for Virginia's Capital Region.  For more information about RIC, please visit our website at



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Richmond International Airport (RIC)
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